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Here’s Why the FBI Investigation Will COST Hillary the Election

In just a week, this election is finally over and the timing of the latest Hillary controversy couldn’t have come at a better time. The same media that praised FBI director James Comey for letting Hillary off the hook at the conclusion of their first investigation are now outraged, accusing the man of trying to sway the election by reopening the case in light of new information.

Liberals think that Comey is interfering with the election, when in reality, the election is interfering with his investigation. Are we really supposed to believe that voters don’t have the right to know if one of the candidates they’re voting for might be governing the nation from prison?

Voters seem to think so. A poll released Sunday showed more than 30 percent of likely voters say they are less inclined to support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after the FBI announced Friday the agency is reviewing newly-discovered emails potentially related to Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

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The ABC News/Washington Post national tracking poll has Trump up 1 point overall – while just two weeks ago it had Hillary up 12 points. If everyone reading this goes out and votes for Trump this November 8th, she’ll lose by even more!

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Comments on “Here’s Why the FBI Investigation Will COST Hillary the Election”

  1. Patricia says:

    Comey is not interfering, he is doing his job. I do not agree with him waiting until the last minute but if Hillary did not set up the problem he wouldn’t have to investigate. Why are democrats ignoring this fact.