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Will Amnesty Help Stop the Spread of Terrorism? This Democrat Thinks So

In what may go down as the biggest stretch in the debate on immigration reform, Congressman Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) claims that granting legal status to illegal immigrants will help America in the fight against ISIS terrorists.

Here is his tremendous leap in logic:

“It’s time we gave them (illegals) a chance to register with the government. And very important I think, with the new threat of ISIS. With the fact that there could be a hundred, maybe more. And there are hundreds of other people who can travel to the United States from other European countries, right? Shouldn’t we just bring these people out of the shadows, have them register with the government? We know who they are, we know where they live, we know that they’re behaving themselves. We can use our enforcement, our homeland security enforcement to prevail against other threats against the homeland.”


About a week ago, a Democrat state representative in Iowa actually claimed that if we don’t grant amnesty to illegals, they themselves will become the terrorists.

Pat Murphy via the Daily Caller:

If they’re gonna be refugees, which several of them are going to be, we need to make sure that we have—one, we take care of them, and we create a pathway for citizenship and set up education for them so they don’t become the same problem that we’re currently having in the Middle East—that they’ll be terrorists a generation from now.”

Suddenly Democrats are tough on terrorism, eh? That’s their big concern now?

The idea that granting amnesty to illegals will help in our war on terror is not a new one. But the wording of the argument is nothing more than recycled buzzwords for the Democrat party. Just as Gutiérrez argues about bringing them out of the shadows, so did Dick Gephardt back in 2002.

Gephardt says the amnesty would aid the anti-terror war by bringing the hard-working undocumented “out of the shadows” so authorities can focus on catching real terrorists.

This might be a crazy thought that liberals haven’t pondered quite yet – what if some of the illegal immigrants crossing our porous borders already have ties to terrorist groups?