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The Winner Of Last Night’s Caucus Was….

sticker 2


Every pundit and wannabe pundit in Washington is today reporting breathlessly on who were the winners and losers in last night’s Iowa Caucus.

Chance are they are all wrong, because the person who was the true victor was this guy:

sticker 2

No, we don’t yet know his name, but he got a prime spot next to Hillary Clinton when she gave her remarks after the contest. And boy, he didn’t waste it:

sticker 1

Throughout Clinton’s speech, this guy grinned, gawped, and stumbled, leaving viewers both amused and concerned for his well being.

Some suggest he might have been drunk; others suspect he was a Bernie Sander plants. But whatever his story, Sticker Guy has just won his 15 minutes of fame.

sticker 3

Enjoy it, friend, Enjoy it.

What was your highlight of the Iowa Caucus last night? Let us know below: