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Winter Weather Crash: Watch What Happens When You Don’t Slow Down!


Winter weather can make even the shortest journeys more dangerous, and motorists do themselves no favors when they drive like it’s sunny and 75 degrees during a snow storm.

So let’s tip our hats to the state troopers in Montana, who’ve come up with a genius way to get drivers to slow down during the winter season: they’ve just uploaded a video to the internet showing an horrific crash which occurred in December 2014.

When you watch this crash, involving 2 trucks and 3 cars, your jaw will drop … and then it’ll drop further when you discover that no one was killed during this carnage:

Can you believe that the woman was thrown from her car and lived? This footage should serve as a reminder that when rain and snow start falling, you MUST take your foot off of the gas.

What do you think of this crash? Let us know below.


Comments on “Winter Weather Crash: Watch What Happens When You Don’t Slow Down!”

  1. Alice says:

    Such idiocy. I see it every day in Alaska. Crazy.