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This Hunter Scored A Buck So Big You Won’t Believe It!


Ross Weber is an avid hunter, but even he was surprised by what he accomplished recently in Southeast Wisconsin. On October 15, Weber shot an enormous 191 inch buck. He detailed the event on DeerGear.com,

I was hunting the evening of October 13th 2015. The conditions were windy (strong west wind), overcast, and cold. I first saw the buck around 6:15 and let the arrow fly around 6:20. As soon as I saw him I knew he was a shooter. He was taking his time eating acorns as he approached a shooting lane. I figured it to be about a 40 yard shot to where it looked like he may give me a shot. I make judging distance easier on myself by marking a few trees in each direction at 30 yards. I then can compare that to where the deer is standing, rather than having to worry about fumbling around with my range finder during a high pressure situation.

He was slightly quartering toward me from right to left, but mostly broadside. While I was waiting for the shot I was doing everything I could do to calm myself down and not focus on the rack. I remember focusing on the tail and body and saying to myself it’s just like a doe.

After roughly 5 minutes of waiting (which seemed like 20) he finally stepped into a shooting lane at 35 yards. I was able to draw back while he was looking straight forward and let the arrow fly. As soon as he was hit he tore off in my direction and I could see one of his front legs dragging and no arrow sticking out of him. I was happy to see the leg dragging because I knew I had hit him, but worried because shoulder shots do not usually kill deer. His tail was also in the air which is not typically a good sign.

I watched him run about 100 yards to where he disappeared out of sight. Since I knew he was a ways off I climbed down from the tree right away and went to the spot where he was standing. I found bright red blood right away, but not a ton. My arrow was laying on the ground about 5 yards into the blood trail, broken off at the tip with about 4 inches of blood up the shaft.

Weber tracked the deer 300 yards where he found the buck had expired. It was challenging dragging the large buck that distance plus an extra 100 yards to the truck, but he says it was also the best drag of his life.

What is the largest deer you have enountered? Please join the discussion.

H/T: Deer Gear