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Woman Arrives At Her OWN Funeral … And Confronts The Husband Who Ordered Her Killed!


Nope, this is not the plot of a syrupy daytime soap opera, although it certainly could be.

This is the real tale of Australian Noela Rukundo who attended her own funeral to confront the man who ordered her killed … her husband!

Rukundo traveled to a family funeral in her native Burundi. While staying in a hotel, she was jumped by three men, who took her to a secret hideaway.

But the killers decided it was wrong to kill an unarmed woman,¬†and confessed that they had been paid $7,000 Australian dollars to kill her by orders of her husband, Congolese refugee Balenga Kalala. They let her escape, along with phone recordings which proved Kalala’s guilt.

With the help of her pastor, Rukundo returned to her home in Melbourne, Australia, and found out htat her husband had told her friends she’d died in a traffic accident while out of the country. Kalala had already organized the funeral.

It was at that event that Rukundo exposed her husband’s crimes. He’s now been sentenced to nine years in prison, and claims it was the devil who made him do it.

With her husband out of the picture, Rukundo is left with eight children to raise by herself.

H/T: Washington Post

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