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Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma – Suspect Is Allegedly a Convert to Islam

It sounds like something you’d expect to hear coming out of world news reports from the Middle East. Sadly however, it happened here at home.

An Oklahoma man reportedly beheaded his female co-worker and stabbed another woman, after being fired for trying to convert them to Islam.

Via Fox News:

FBI officials are reportedly investigating a beheading at an Oklahoma food distribution center after co-workers said the suspect tried to convert them to Islam after his recent conversion.

The alleged suspect, Alton Nolen, 30, was recently fired from Vaughan Foods in Moore prior to Thursday’s attack. Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis told KFOR that Nolen drove to the front of the business and struck a vehicle before walking inside. He then attacked Colleen Hufford, 54, stabbing her several times before severing her head. He also stabbed another woman at the plant, 43-year-old Traci Johnson.

Lewis said Mark Vaughan, the company’s chief operating officer and a reserve county deputy, shot Nolen as he was stabbing Johnson, who remains hospitalized in stable condition Friday.

The FBI stated that the official motive in the case was still unclear, but that they are looking into Nolen’s recent conversion to Islam as a possible factor.

Nolen has an extensive rap sheet, including having assaulted a police officer. His rage may have been sparked by his firing. But NBC News hints that the firing may have come about due to his attempts to persuade co-workers to convert to Islam as well.

KFOR confirms this aspect of the investigation and has transcripts of the 911 calls made from Vaughn Foods.

Here is an initial news report…

Worse yet for the media in this case – not only is there a possibility that Nolen was involved with the Religion of Peace, but his vicious attack was stopped by the company’s COO … because he had a gun.

A police sergeant told reporters, “This was not going to stop.” He added regarding the COO, “If he didn’t stop it, it could have gotten a lot worse.”



  1. Nika says:

    America’s wake up calls and what is being done-nothing? After every comment PRESIDENT OBAMA GIVE AMERICA YOUR RESIGNATION. All we have seen is inept leadership escalating and bring disaster to all Americans. This is by far the worst administration in American history. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AMERICA STAND UP FOR IT NOW. WHY DO WE THINK WE ARE SO PARALIZED – WE’RE NOT – SO LET’S DEMAND CHANGE AND ALSO VOTE OUT THE DEMS. IN NOVEMBER 2014 ELECTING A NEW SENATE – PRESIDENT OBAMA GIVE AMERICA YOUR RESIGNATION

  2. John says:

    there is going to be “open season” on muslims in this country REAL soon.

    1. Proud says:

      as well there should be. If this isn’t a chilling wake up call to all Americans then I don’t know what is!