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Woman Confronts Police Officer Then Issues THIS Public Challenge

Aunt Boo has delivered some of our favorite rants on hot button issues¬†because¬†she tells it like it is! Whether it’s going off on flag stomping idiots or telling wannabe thugs to pull their pants up, she never ceases to make us laugh while delivering a very good point.

This time Aunt Boo is issuing a challenge to everyone that could truly make a difference for our law enforcement during a time when they are most in need of our support.

Watch below as she explains how her simple thanks to an officer brightened his day and maybe you’ll do the same too!

Do you agree with Aunt Boo that we should make an effort to thank those officers who serve us every day? Share this positive challenge on Facebook or Twitter if you do!


Comments on “Woman Confronts Police Officer Then Issues THIS Public Challenge”

  1. Amanda says:

    Aunt Boo thank you for posting this! My 6 year old son and I deliver cookies and Blue Lives Matter to Law Enforcement all the time. I am actually getting requests from citizens for the bracelets which is amazing to me. We want ALL Law Enforcement officers to know how thankful we are for their service!
    God Bless You!!