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Woman Drives 2x the Speed Limit in a School Zone, Then Says THIS to the Officer Who Pulled Her Over


Police throughout the country have been under attack. With a high number of police officers shot and killed recently, it’s obvious a target has been placed on many of them by the very citizens they protect.

One Palm Beach driver thinks that’s a good thing. After being stopped for aggressively driving 51 miles per hour in a school zone, the woman had some stunning words for the Palm Beach Sheriff’s deputy who politely issued her citation.

“You know what? No wonder you people get shot. You’re absolute “a**holes”

The officer somehow continued being nice to the woman after her stunning display of wickedness. She was the one driving more than double over the speed limit, yet she lashed out at the officer. In addition to her heinous words, this woman flew through a school zone where children were walking. What an indictment of her character!

Make this woman famous. Please share this to show what our law enforcement officers encounter even when being polite.




  1. Katherine says:

    That ungrateful woman needs to have her license pulled and if I was that officer I would make sure all my coworkers know her car. Her actions and words are threatening and abusive. Take her off the street or maybe she should sit idly by while someone speeds past her children, nieces or nephews in bus zones. What a baby! She knew she was caught and in the wrong and as usual “THOSE TYPE” of people like to run off at the mouth and show everyone how stupid they are. So good job idiot! Your plate number is very visible and it won’t be hard to find out everything else about you either. Do you have eyes in the back of your head? You are going to have to grow some to stay out of the sights of others.

  2. sunnyblues says:

    This officer deserves a medal for his professionalism and calm demeanor!

  3. Thomas says:

    They walk among us.