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She Tries to Protest Donald Trump With a Thousand of Mexico’s National Flower… Watch Her EPIC Fail!


The New York Post was uncharacteristically gentle when critiquing the efforts of one Estefani Mercedes, who tried desperately to protest Donald Trump’s views on immigration. The Post claimed her protest “could have used better planning,” an understatement to say the least.

Mercedes got the brilliant idea to deliver 1,000 yellow dahlias, the national flower of Mexico, to Trump Tower all by her lonesome. Each flower was accompanied by a note from a Latin immigrant sarcastically thanking Trump for his stance against illegal immigrants.

While Mercedes was armed with hundreds of flowers, hundreds of notes, and the determination of a thousand armies, what she didn’t have was a good idea of how to carry all of those things through the revolving door into the tower.

The protest quickly fizzled as Mercedes struggled mightily to hold onto the massive collection of flowers, failed to get through the front door, and then had security guards help her pick up the display only to have it placed in a garbage bag and removed.

Via TMZ:

A woman had a pretty creative idea … deliver a huge batch of yellow dahlias — the National Mexican flower — to Donald Trump’s doorstep … but her protest fell apart in spectacular and hilarious fashion.

Estefani Mercedes struggled with her massive bouquet as she tried to navigate the revolving door at Trump Tower in NYC. She was carrying 1,000 flowers, each with a note from a Latin immigrant sarcastically thanking Trump for his views on immigration.

You gotta see the video. It looks like something Lucy Ricardo would do.

She walks away with a single dahlia, courtesy of Donald’s security.


The best part is when she asks the security guard “Can I keep the flowers?”

The guard walks past her with a garbage bag full of dahlias and simply says, “um no.”

Another guard picked one up off the ground and told Mercedes, “Here, keep this one.”

For a frame of reference, 75 dahlias ordered wholesale online can cost as much as $190. Ordering 1,000 would amount to a shade over $2,500.

Well worth it for the laughs.

Comment: What do you think of this protesters effort to embarrass Trump?

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  1. Roger says:

    I actually feel bad for her she does have the right to protest just as we do, I would have helped her and not thrown her flowers away……PERIOD…..KTN…..

  2. Vickie says:

    Keep your sarcastic flowers and Mexico can take back millions of parasites that are living off this country.

  3. Vicvod says:

    ILLEGAL!!! Last time I checked it was a crime. All of America is fine with aliens entering the country as long as they do it legally. Why do liberals have a problem with that?