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After Woman Faints, Marco Rubio Stopped His Rally To Do THIS Amazing Thing!


We just had a chance to see the religious side of a politician, something all too rare in this campaign of personal insults.

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio took a moment during his Minnesota campaign rally to say a prayer for a woman who had fainted.


Had this happened at an Obama campaign rally, the President probably would have taken a selfie with the fallen supporter.

Via The Hill:

Marco Rubio paused his rally in Minnesota to say a prayer for a woman in the audience who was unwell and escorted out of the room.

“I just want to take 10 seconds to say a prayer,” the Florida senator said during Tuesday’s rally in Andover, Minn. “Lord, may your will be upon her and give her the strength Lord to overcome whatever she is facing.”

A man in the crowd shouted, “Class act, Marco,” after Rubio paused the event.

This fan on social media seemed to enjoy the heartfelt emotional moment provided by Rubio.

Regardless of who you support, take your hats off for Rubio’s response to a woman who took the time to attend his rally and fell ill.

Here is a short video of Rubio speaking prior to the incident:

Comment: What did you think of Rubio showing his religious side for a fan that fainted? Tell us your thoughts below.

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