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Woman Joins A Search Party…You Won’t Believe What It Was Looking For!


Blame it on the jet lag, I guess.

An unfortunate woman vacationing in Iceland cut short her holiday to volunteer in a search party looking for someone who had gone missing near a volcano.

The only problem? The missing person was her!

According to media reports, the woman was part of a group touring the region by bus. When the bus dropped off its passengers, she changed her clothes, and when she returned, the other tourists failed to recognize her.

A search party was soon formed, and the lady in question volunteered for duty. As night drew closer, the situation seemed bleak. A helicopter was put on stand-by, ready to assist.

Only then did the woman double-check the description of the person she was supposed to be looking for, and realized she was reading about herself!

Here’s hoping that she bought the other chilled volunteers a round of drinks as a way of apologizing for her mistake!

H/T: Yahoo.com

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