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Woman Who Killed Navy Officer in Road Rage Incident Finally Receives Her Sentence

In 2015, 27-year-old Darla Renee Jackson had been charged with the death of 39-year-old Zacharias Buob, a Navy chief petty officer. It began as a road rage incident, with an initial confrontation (which the prosecution says happened after Jackson was tailgating Buob, who was driving a motorcycle – leading to Buob kicking her car at one point), and ended in tragedy within minutes.

Jackson had struck Buob’s motorcycle from behind after chasing him, sending him flying 300 feet, and then ran him over. Her defense was that she ran him over after swerving her car to avoid striking the bike (not the ideal trade-off). One witness said her actions were intentional.

Jackson was five feet behind Buob and going 80 mph when traffic slowed and she plowed into him, the prosecutor said.

Jackson said Buob accelerated to about 95 mph as he transitioned onto Route 54 and she tried to keep up.

The judge said there was not enough evidence to prove Jackson intentionally killed Buob, but said he still believed Jackson still deserved time in prison.

On Friday, Jackson was sentenced to six years in state prison.

H/T Fox Five San Diego

After the sentence was handed down, Jackson lowered her head on the table in front of her, repeating the word, “no.”

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