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Woman Raped and Tortured for 11 Years Makes a Major Statement about Abortion


Michelle Knight is one of three women who survived being held captive by Ariel Castro for many years. Knight was imprisoned and assaulted by Castro for eleven years.

But, she is a survivor. Michelle has several tattoos that depict her struggle and also her second chance at life. She has a teddy bear with hearts, a picture she drew while captive and a baby on her chest with the words, “Too beautiful for this earth.” She also told Newsweek that she has five roses on her arm that have significant meaning.

She raises her left sleeve and drops her shoulder, revealing five large roses cascading down her arm, each one covered in drops of blood. “Every rose is for every abortion that I had in the house.”

Each time Knight became pregnant, Castro would assault her causing the baby to die. It’s quite a testimony to her spirit that she acknowledges these children in such a public manner. Even given the horrific situation she was in, she recognizes they too were victims and she grieves for them.

H/T: People