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These Women May Make History for Conservatives Tonight

Three Republican women who are favored to win their elections would make history tonight and serve as an inspiration to girls everywhere.

  1. Joni Ernst

If Joni Ernst is elected to Congress, she will be the first female ever elected to Congress from Iowa. She would also be the first female combat veteran ever elected to Congress, having served in Kuwait as a company commander in 2003 and 2004. What a woman!

  1. Mia Love

Mia Love is running for Congress in Utah. If elected, she will be the first African-American Woman Republican in Congress.

  1. Elise Stefanik

Running in New York’s upstate district, Republican Elise Stefanik would be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress at 30 years old. The current record is held by Elisabeth Holtzman, a Democrat, at 31 years old. In regards to Stefanik, Holtzman said “I’m just sorry that it’s not a Democrat. But hats off to her. We need more young women in Congress.”


Make history and vote!

H/T: New York Post