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You Won’t Believe Why This Arab Airline Cut Its U.S. Route!


The national airline of Kuwait has decided to cut its service between the United States and London. Why?

On September 30th, the airline refused to sell a seat to Eldad Gatt for the sole reason that he is Israeli and has an Israeli passport. Kuwait is one of sixteen Arab countries that refuses entry to any and all Israeli citizens unless they receive special permission from that government prior to their flight.

It was more important to the airline and its parent company to continue its bigoted policies against citizens of the Jewish State (where many Arabs hold citizenship) than fly this important and profitable route!

The airline was given the choice by the Department of Transportation (DoT) in the United States to start selling Israelis tickets or cut the route. It is illegal under the DoT’s guidelines to refuse to sell a ticket to someone who is legally allowed to travel between two countries on the basis of their nationality.

By refusing to allow Eldad to fly between the United States and the United Kingdom on their planes, Kuwait Airways broke U.S. law, even if it attempted to put Eldad on a competing carrier for the route.


What is even more crazy than this decision is that the airline is still allowed to deny tickets to Israelis traveling between the U.S. and Kuwait because it is illegal for Israelis to enter their country.

While the American media is up-in-arms over the fact that presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to bar Muslims from the United States, the long-standing rules regarding Israeli entry into their country, and this latest snafu, has drawn nary a peep from the mainstream media.

H/T: @AviMayer

Do you think Kuwait Airways should be allowed to fly to and from the U.S.?