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You Won’t Believe What Rescuers Saw When They Found Sailor!


For twenty years, German adventurer Manfred Fritz Bajorat crossed the world’s oceans in his yacht, the SAYO.


But his long journey is now at an end. Fishermen off of the coast of the Philippines have just discovered the wreck of his yacht, and Bajorat’s mummified body inside.

As you can see in the picture above, Bajorat, whose body was preserved by the salty sea air and dry winds of the ocean, was sitting next to the radio, as if trying to call for help. Old family photos, including those of his wife, Claudia, who died of cancer six years ago, were found next to him as well.

Authorities have yet to determine the cause of Bajorat’s death, or for how long his body lay undisturbed as his wrecked yacht continued its journey on the ocean waves.

H/T: London Mail

Rest in Peace, Manfred. Your adventure is finally at an end. Share your thoughts on this story!