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You Won’t Believe What Showed up in Tom Brady’s Locker – Trump Fans Are Going to Love This

While game balls might be a different matter, Tom Brady’s love for Donald Trump has been anything but deflated.

After earning praise from the Donald last week, the New England Patriot’s quarterback returned the admiration by placing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat in his locker.


Via TMZ:

Donald Trump showed Tom Brady some love, and now Tom’s returning the favor… with a locker room shout out to Trump’s campaign slogan.

One of those red “Make America Great Again” caps was spotted in Tom Terrific’s locker at Gillette Stadium this weekend — a potentially huge endorsement for Trump.

The Donald gave Brady props when his 4-game suspension was overturned last week, and Trump’s camp says he and TB have been tight for years.

Here is the picture of Trump’s hat appearing in Brady’s locker…


Trump called Brady a friend and “honest guy” during a campaign stop last week. Brady confirmed that he also considers Trump a friend, adding that he has done “amazing things.”

Comment: What do you think of Tom Brady’s support for Donald Trump?

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