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Wounded Vet Takes Stage During Trump Interview, Watch What Happens Next!


During an hour-long special in which Sean Hannity interviewed Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, a severely wounded veteran took the stage.

Hannity immediately offered his seat to the vet, USMC Cpl. Tony Porta.

He then had Porta speak one-on-one with Trump, himself. And his story was incredibly powerful.

Via Fox News Insider:

During a special hour-long “Hannity” event, a wounded U.S. marine took Sean’s seat so that he could deliver a special message to Donald Trump.

USMC Cpl. Tony Porta was wounded by an IED that killed two of his squad mates, and now he is the spokesperson for Veterans for Trump.

“When you become president, I don’t want you to work for those guys who are giving tons of money to a lot of people. I want you to work for us,” Porta said.

Porta, a medically retired Marine corporal, had his head, face and much of his body horribly scarred by a fiery roadside bomb attack in Iraq in 2007 that killed two other Marines. Additionally, he lost his right arm in the attack, and had his left hand disfigured.

Read more about his story by clicking here …

Earlier this year, Trump skipped a presidential debate to hold a fundraiser for veterans which raised over $5 million.

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