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Congressman Destroys Hillary For Not Holding Anybody Accountable For the Dead Americans in Benghazi


Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) crushed Hillary Clinton in classic form during her Benghazi Committee hearing yesterday, asking why the former Secretary of State didn’t hold anybody accountable for the security breaches and incompetence that led to four dead Americans.

“Why didn’t you fire someone?” he asked.

Clinton responded by saying technically she couldn’t, because an Accountability Review Board had determined nobody committed a ‘breach of duty.’

Pompeo fought back HARD on that response.

Watch the intense exchange below …

Via Mediaite:

“Well Congressman, the Accountability Review Board pointed out several people working in the State Department who they thought had not carried out their responsibilities adequately, but they said they could not find a breach of duty,” Clinton explained.

“I’m not asking what the ARB did,” Pompeo said. “I’m asking what you did.”

“I followed the law, Congressman. That was my responsibility,” Clinton responded.

“You’re telling me you had no authority to take anyone’s paycheck, to cause anyone to be fired?” he asked incredulously. “You are telling me you were legally prohibited from doing that? Is that your position here this morning?”

“It is my position that in the absence of finding dereliction or breach of duty there could not be immediate action taken,” she said. “But there was a process that was immediately instituted and which led to decisions being made.”

Pompeo’s response to that was viciously sarcastic, showing his disdain for how Clinton had just tried to explain away her inaction instead of just saying she held nobody accountable for the deaths of four Americans.

“Yes, ma’am, the decision was to put them back [with] full back-pay and keep them on as employees!” he exclaimed.

Pompeo further explained, “That was the decision that was made as a result of the processes that you put in place. The folks in Kansas don’t think that is accountability.”

Neither do the folks in any of the other 49 states.

Comment:  Why do you think nobody in the Obama administration has held anyone accountable for what happened in Benghazi?  Discuss below.


Comments on “Congressman Destroys Hillary For Not Holding Anybody Accountable For the Dead Americans in Benghazi”

  1. Bill says:

    This horrible woman is a tool of satan! I truly question the intelligence, and especially, Patriotism, of anyone who supports this evil whore, Hillary! She has always been a Liar and Deceiver, her entire Privileged live! Back n the 70s, she was fired from the Watergate Committee by her boss, fellow Democrat Jerry Zeifman, who said Hillary was a Liar! She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the Rules of the House, the Rules of the Committee, and the Rules of Confidentiality!