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WOW! Hollywood Icon Picked To Play Jackie Kennedy In Upcoming Film!

Jackie Kennedy

This country was so in love Jacqueline Kennedy back in the 60s. Some people still admire her today. To many onlookers, she had innocence, along with her husband John F. Kennedy. Both of them took the nation by storm as he was elected president of United States and America had their first young couple in the White House.

Until that time most presidents have been older, having served in public service for years or gave up their lives toward military service. Jacqueline Kennedy was someone America felt proud to have as its first lady. She was loved, she was admired, and she was copied.

Is a new movie on the horizon about Jacqueline Kennedy. When I saw the photos of that young lady playing her I was shot at the light that almost look mirror image of the former First Lady. Many have tried over the years, and some have come close, but this has to be the best that I’ve seen.

Katie Holmes is such solid actor, and as you can see in the photo below, she’s got the goods.

Jackie Kennedy

From Daily Mail:

Katie Holmes has been hard at work filming The Kennedys: After Camelot over the past few weeks, the upcoming television miniseries in which she reprises her role as Jackie Kennedy.

And on Friday Holmes filmed one of the biggest events in the former First Lady’s life – the day she officially became Jackie O.

Holmes and co-star Alexander Siddig were photographed on set as they recreated Jackie’s wedding to billionaire shipping magnate Aristotle Onasis, which took place on the private Greek island of Skorpios.

The pair were filmed walking down the aisle, saying their vows, hugging and then smashing a few plates for the cameras.

Holmes first played Jackie in the 2011 series The Kennedys, which followed the rise and sudden, tragic deaths of brothers John and Robert.

This latest series is based on the J. Randy Taraborrelli novel After Camelot: A Personal History of the Kennedy Family 1968 to the Present.

For the wedding scene Holmes wore a dress that was the spitting image of the Valentino design that Jackie wore almost 50 years ago.

Ava, who is also reprising her role in the series after playing Caroline back in 2011, also wore a look similar to the one wore by Jackie’s daughter at the ceremony.

It was during the filming of that first series that Ava and Suri became friends, and could be seen walking around the set holding hands accompanied by Holmes.

I am not sure I will watch the mini-series, but this could do Holmes some good if she can knock this out of the park. In the days of CGI and all that computer stuff, it’s good that Hollywood isn’t getting away from using old tricks to make the past come back alive.

What did you think of Holmes’ transformation to Jackie Kennedy? Do you think it’s a solid match? Share your opinions below and add our story to your timeline. Let your friends guess who this actress is before they read the story.