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WOW! Is This the Real Reason Scott Walker Dropped out of the Race?


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker stunned the nation yesterday with his decision to drop out of the GOP race for the White House. The one-time front runner in Iowa announced that he was withdrawing, becoming the second high-profile name to depart the race after former Texas governor Rick Perry.

And what made him choose to quit the race? Well, CNN dropped a bombshell poll the day before he ended his fight for the White House. And while the poll showed some candidates – notably Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio – gaining on front runner Donald Trump, Walker number’s had imploded. Having gone from leading the pack in Iowa, according to CNN his numbers nationwide has collapsed. How bad was it?

He couldn’t even gather 1% of likely GOP voters. Walker, the conservative hero, was reduced to just 0.3% support.

With numbers like that, no wonder he decided to quit.

What do you think of Gov Walkers decision to end his White House run? Let us know below.



Comments on “WOW! Is This the Real Reason Scott Walker Dropped out of the Race?”

  1. David says:

    I was a supported of Scott Walker until he made the statement that he was opposed to abortion even to protect the life of the mother. I considered asking for my donation back.