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WOW! Michelle Obama’s New Appearance Is Shocking! (What Happened?)

An otherwise uninteresting appearance by Michelle Obama on “Jeopardy!” have Republicans and Democrats on Twitter wondering just what the heck happened to First Lady Michelle Obama.

We all know she isn’t classy, and often wears inappropriate clothing. But her new look takes it to a whole new level: She’s bald!

The first lady popped up on the long-running quiz show on Tuesday to promote her “Let’s Move!” anti-childhood obesity initiative.

In one clue, FLOTUS talked about rinsing canned vegetables to reduce sodium and how much Vitamin A could be found in sweet potatoes. But what [had] many on social media up in arms appeared to not be nutrition, but an apparent lack of follicles.[…]

The White House provided additional information on Obama’s “Jeopardy!” segment, but didn’t respond to a question about the “bald” buzz.

via The Hill


Isn’t it funny to see the contestants notice her hair, but not be able to ask questions about it?

What is going on with Michelle Obama? Please leave us a comment and tell us where you think her hair went!



  1. Randi says:

    Why call her first lady when she is not just acting like one.
    First she goes to Europe and tear America down tells how she is not being respected
    by Americans. I got news for her Europeans make fun of her and
    her husband they can n not understand why they are still in the white house.

  2. Peony says:

    Did anyone notice on Saturday night live the segment that joked about 0 being gay, not because he plays golf, not because he has parties… , but because he is GAY! so it appears they are coming out now, finally telling the truth?

  3. Ted says:


  4. Renee says:

    That is what (he) Michael has always looked like…slowly introducing himself. No woman has arms and neck muscles like the first Queen of America.

  5. Hubert says:

    I think she Looks beautiful with her hair like that!

  6. Mike says:

    Just displaying her inner “tranny”.

  7. omaramike says:

    I’m sorry but I just can’t find it in me to care. She couldn’t look any worse than she did and actually her eyes look pretty in this picture. That is something I never thought to fin myself saying.

  8. Dennis says:


  9. Edward says:

    first of all she is not the FIRST LADY in fact she is not a lady at all, not even a woman !!

  10. Mimi says:

    She’s turned GREY! She wears her hair like that when he is conditioning it–but you’d think she could put on one of her many wigs for a gig on Jeopardy!! but if you take off all of that makeup–I think you’d see more of a man—take away the female hormones and I know you would!!

  11. Jimmy says:

    Maybe she’s bald because she is a Michael.