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Wow! This Senate Liberal Just Endorsed Trump’s Economic Plan


Just like a broken clock tells the right time twice a day, so too does a liberal occasionally say something right.

Senate Banking Committee member Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D- Mass. listens to testimony on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday Nov. 12, 2013, from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray during the committee's hearing of “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Semi-Annual Report to Congress.” (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Take Senator Elizabeth Warren, for example, who correctly argues that the American economy is “rigged” and that the American middle class is being screwed by the super-rich.

Now, of course, Senator Warren’s plans to deal with the problems she identifies are baloney, but that’s another ball of wax.

And the good Senator made news again today when she said she agrees with Donald Trump, the surging GOP candidate, on the subject of hiking taxes on the rich.

“There are a lot of places where he gets out and talks about important things,” she said during an appearance on “The View.” “Donald Trump and I both agree that there ought to be more taxation of the billionaires, the people who are making their money on Wall Street.”

So is this proof that the Donald could win the White House by bringing new voters to the GOP? Or is it proof that the Donald’s critics are right, and he’s just a liberal pretending to be a conservative?

Maybe both assertions are true. But be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below.

H/T: CNN Money



  1. K Thomas says:

    I agree with Katherine. This is non sense “will make America great again”, nonsense we hear even at dog catcher elections.
    From people who cannot do ANY thing even if they were elected.
    Without sticking to a party label you cannot win, you will not get money even to take the bus or for gas. The 2 year campaign and hundreds of brain deficient ” journalists” make this a circus and fun show, for the billionaires and people in other countries.
    Blaming Obama for all the ills, ignoring, facts that congress had delayed many bills, including pay for military and govt. employees, not approving judges and lower level officials are ignored , by the press and the ” I do not care” ” I have never heard of him”( Jindal, Scott, Lindsey)folks, who will be the deciders of this important event. .Sorry this is one of the bad long sentences, I know. Please teachers.. do not write about, it Teach the high school kids about elections and their importance in their lives and future of the WORLD.
    Like the rich man who wants every kind of car, air planes, boats and a mansion in every resort, one man is trying to buy the most. imp. job, and the whole world is watching with disgust and fear.
    Of course elections were bought every year. The one 16 years ago was illegally.. stolen, if there is any such thing. The people were so fed up after two years of nonsense they did not have the stomach, to fight for Gore, See how history was changed by the stupidity of less than ten thousand folks and a Judge..

  2. Katherine says:

    Republican, Democrat, Conservative, or Independent, I have a feeling no one gives a hoot as whether anyone is one or the other. They are just individual, so called ‘Parties” of names created by so called “I will help this country” people. I want a real person, who does not hide behind the skirts and ties of politically correct individuals who are actually never politically correct unless told to do so by those who OWN them. This year we have several who are beginning to act like human beings and of course we also have those who are not. If the words spoken ring true and the results of any type dealings are beneficial to the American People ONLY that is who we need. Those winey, scared, talk big politicians are out of hot air and nobody is listening. We truly do need to Make America Great Again, and it will not happen until someone with gumption is at the helm.

  3. Thomas says:

    Trump wants to tax hedge fund managers at the income rate, not the capital gains rate. I’m okay with that, and I’m also okay with his plan to penalize companies who create “inversions.” This is when a company sets up a shell company in another country to avoid US taxes. I’m a conservative and more than okay with both of these.

  4. Rick says:

    WaRREN is adipchit