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Whoa! This Guy Fell Down A MOUNTAIN… Check This Out!


One witness described it as “the most terrifying crash I’ve ever seen.” And having seen the footage, I cannot disagree.

Canadian skier Ian McIntosh was attempting a ski stunt atop a 1600ft mountain in Alaska‚Äôs Neacola Mountains, when something went horribly wrong… he struck a hidden trench in the snow.

The next moment, he was hurtling down the mountain, and the footage below captures his every scream:

Yep, that’s pretty terrifying. McIntosh survived this incredible fall, with a new-found appreciation of the need to plan his sky stunts more carefully.

How? He deployed the airbag built into his suit. Because of it, he was left only with bruises.

What do you think of this incredible fall? Let us know below.

H/T: ABC News