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WWE Legend Endorses Donald Trump



WWE superstar and wrestling icon with a career spanning over 40 years, Jerry “The King” Lawler, has thrown his support behind Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Earlier today, Lawler tweeted an endorsement for Trump and said he’d be supporting him in today’s New Hampshire primary.

Naturally, unhinged liberals did what they do best – wishing death upon those with differing viewpoints.

Oh, and of course calling him a racist …

Others joked that Lawler had taken his new “heel turn” very seriously by endorsing Trump. In the wrestling business, a “heel” is the bad guy. The King was recently asked to become a “heel” announcer for the WWE’s show Smackdown, a role in which he supports the bad guy wrestlers with his commentary. The joke assumes that it is his heel persona that is attracted to the Donald.

Lawler reminded his followers that Trump is, like himself, a WWE Hall of Famer.

Check out this video of Trump taking on WWE boss Vince McMahon at the 2007 Wrestlemania …

Not too many candidates get the coveted pro-wrestler/monarch vote, but Trump has managed to do both in earning the support of The King.

Comment: Will an endorsement from a wrestling legend help Donald Trump’s campaign? The WWE has a very loyal group of fans. Share your thoughts below.

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