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This WWII Vet Just Turned 100 … 70 Years After Facing THIS!


World War II veteran Charles Rodaway is about to celebrate a remarkable birthday. He’ll be turning 100 on March 12th …. 70 years after he was declared dead.

Rodaway, originally from England but now a resident of Canada, was captured by Japanese troops during the Fall of Singapore in 1942. Rounded up with his friends, a firing squad was called up, and Rodaway expected the worst.

But, incredibly, the firing squad was called away seconds before they were to open fire.  The local media failed to report this crucial fact, and instead listed Rodaway as amongst the dead.

For the duration of the war, Rodaway’s family grieved his loss, until he showed up at their doorstep after being released from Japanese custody. He’d spent the rest of the war in a prison camp.

So Happy Birthday, Charles, and thanks for your sacrifice.

Now watch this:

H/T: London Mail

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