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Here They Are: The 7 Most Buzzworthy Stories Of 2015!

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Readers of Headline Politics know that this is where you’ll find all of the hottest stories – not just about politics, but about sports, culture, entertainment, or life in general.

We had some pretty hot stories this past year, so let’s review seven posts that readers found the most buzzworthy.

7)  Megyn Kelly Blasts Congressional Black Caucus For Repeating ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Lie

Fox News host Megyn Kelly hammered the Congressional Black Caucus for repeatedly perpetuating the myth that the Ferguson criminal Michael Brown, was nothing more than a ‘gentle giant.’  Kelly compared it to the Joseph Goebbels’ doctrine, that people will believe any lie if it’s repeated often enough and loud enough.

6)  Al Sharpton Protesters Learn Mike Brown’s Hands Weren’t Actually Up

When the Media Research Center asked Al Sharpton supporters what they thought about the fact that it had been proven that Michael Brown never had his hands up, their responses were priceless.

5)  Michael Savage Demands Senator Diane Feinstein Be Tried For Treason

After Senator Feinstein released a report about interrogation techniques used by the United States, conservative radio host Michael Savage demanded she be tried for treason.

4)  Even the Game Show Jeopardy Mocks Common Core Math Questions

Alex Terebek and the folks at Jeopardy took a jab at Common Core math, by creating an entire category related to math problems that actually made sense – It was called, Non-Common Core Math.


3)  Officer Darren Wilson Gets an Incredible Gift

An anonymous woman set up an organization to help support Officer Darren Wilson, who was forced to resign after the Michael Brown shooting, in which he was cleared of wrongdoing. It earned up to $1 million in donated funds.

2)  The Dumbest Man In Congress Had The Audacity To Call Neurosurgeon Ben Carson Ignorant

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), a man previously made famous for his belief that an island could somehow capsize and tip over, and who once lamented that his greatest fear involving budget cuts was to experience a “world without balloons,” claims that retired neurosurgeon and conservative, Dr. Ben Carson, is an African-American trying to gain support from the ignorant.

1)  Trey Gowdy Announced He Would Continue The Benghazi Investigation

Trey Gowdy is always a big hit with conservatives, and we love when psychotic left-wingers like Hillary Clinton get caught up in a lie. So when the two combined – Gowdy announced he would continue the Benghazi investigation – Headline Politics readers voiced their support.

Comment:  What did you think of our most talked about stories for 2015? What other stories did you find noteworthy this past year? Tell us below.