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YIKES! Your Day Probably Isn’t Going As Badly As This Surfer’s! Can You Say ‘Wipe Out?’

No matter how bad your day is going, please spare a thought for poor Tom Lowe.


He’s a British surfer who last month visited Puerto Escondido in Mexico. With his surf board in hand, Lowe headed into the water hoping to catch the ride of his life.

He did… in a way. As you can see below, Lowe wiped out on a 30-foot wave barreling toward the shore. He describes what happens next as “the most violent 15 seconds of my life:”

Yeah, I can buy that. Because it looks like that wave should have pulverized his body and turned him into delicious shark food.

Instead Lowe emerged from the water with nothing but whiplash… and a crazy desire to carry on surfing.

Let us know what you think of the video below:

H/T: London Telegraph