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You Haven’t Seen Anything Until You Watch This Monk RUN on Water (VIDEO)


We all thought Jesus was the only one who could do it… but I guess we were wrong.

Walking on water is something we mortals can accomplish too. All we need are a series of thin wooden sheets and years of meditative practice in an East Asian temple.

So yeah, don’t break out your speedos and head to the lake just yet.

This week, Shi Lang, a Shaolin monk from the Quanzhou region of China, set a new world record for walking on water – crossing a distance 125 meters across a river. His previous best was 118 meters, which he managed when crossing a reservoir last fall. Here’s footage taken from the scene of last year’s triumph:

As you can see, Lang uses thin wooden sheets to manage his incredible feat. But don’t think they make this challenge easy. Lang has been practicing for 10 years to walk on water, and his success is built on agility and taking small steps.

So good luck beating Mr. Lang, America. You are going to need it!

What do you think of this extraordinary feat? Let us know below.

H/T: London Independent


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