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You Might Actually Agree With Piers Morgan for Once… He Just Ripped Into Lying Rachel Dolezal!


Every now and then, liberal journalist, Piers Morgan, is willing to drop just a hint of truth on certain topics that you wouldn’t quite expect.

While some in the liberal media are defending Rachel Dolezal, the civil rights activist who has been pretending to be black while actually being whiter than the screen you’re looking at, Morgan isn’t afraid to bash her for this utter stupidity.

Morgan swung a hammer at Dolezal, saying she’s “a lying, deluded idiot.”

Via the Daily Mail:

… Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, has ever amused me quite as much as the preposterous statement this morning by civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal: ‘I identify as black.’

Mainly because she’s white.

In fact this deluded, ridiculous fantasist is SO white, I suspect I am probably more black than she is if you go back far enough in my family history.

Morgan went on:

She’s a cold, calculating piece of work who thought she could make a good living for herself as a race activist. But only if she pretended to be black.

A white woman pretending to be black, claiming her fake black dad had to escape the clutches of a white policeman who was going to kill him.

What could be a more incendiary, inflammatory thing to say in race-torn America right now?

Indeed.  Morgan went on to say that “the only statement this pathetically disingenuous wastrel should now release contains the following ten words: ‘I’m Rachel Dolezal and I identify as a lying, deluded idiot.’”

What is our society becoming? Whether it’s ‘Caitlin Jenner’ or a white woman demanding everyone accept her as back – does reality not count for anything any longer?

Comment: Do you side with Piers Morgan on this one? Is Rachel Dolezal a deluded idiot, or can she identify as black because that’s who she is on the inside?



  1. Mechelle says:

    I actually agree with him 100 percent on this topic. This woman needs serious professional help…unless her motives were purely to deceive people, then she should be considered a criminal for what she has done.

  2. Linnea says:

    I will have to disagree with Piers Morgan just for the fact that if she feels she is black on the inside, she is black. This is no different that Bruce Jenner trying to convince us that he is a woman because he has altered his body to appear to be female and claims he feels in his mind that he is a woman when technically HE IS A MALE AND RACHEL DOLEZAL IS WHITE!!!

    1. Kathy says:

      Linnea, what about all of the other LIES she has told. Born in a teepee. Struggled to find food. This woman has a real problem and she’s made a fantastic living from all these lies. Why didn’t she just say “Yes, I’m white but I identify as black because I want to help the struggle of the black people”. No, she LIED to get ahead.