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You Won’t Believe the Abuse Done to These Boys at This Florida School

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The Arthur G. Dozier School in Marianna, Fla released a scathing report in February 2015 detailing a ‘rape dungeon’ where boys were abused and at least one of the boys was shot to death, investigators said. While many of the cases are nearly a century old, some of the dead have surviving brothers, sisters and other relatives still seeking answers.

Investigative Discovery produced a small documentary about the events. You feel for these young kids and what they went through.

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The Dozier school was created to supply slave labor. There were reports the boys enrolled to the school were fed to the hogs, while some were whipped, raped and killed.

Why was this “school” allowed to remain open until 2011?

What is the problem with the Florida government and legislature? No one knew of these incidents?

Anyone that sits in a state office that knew of this are as culpable as the sick murderers running the school. Everyone involved in the mistreatment, rape, murder, whatever of these children needs to be given swift justice immediately.

Watch this video to hear some of the witnesses account of events:

May these souls forever rest in peace; they didn’t have a peaceful moment in life.

H/T:  Investigative Discovery, NPR, WUSF


Comments on “You Won’t Believe the Abuse Done to These Boys at This Florida School”

  1. Linda says:

    OMG, sometimes I am so disgusted that I live in this state. How can such things be allowed to continue?