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You’ll Love What Country Music Star Trace Adkins Did For The Military!

Trace Adkins

Last year, Country music legend Trace Adkins reached a milestone few others have in the industry – he has partnered with the USO to perform in his 10th tour in 13 years, supporting the U.S. military and their families at home and abroad.

Last year’s tour included 100 performances at 45 military bases in nine countries, from Europe to the Middle East.

If you think Adkins is looking for a pat on the back for his efforts however, you’d be wrong.

Via Fox News Insider:

“I get a lot of pats on the back, but it’s really a selfish endeavor,” said Adkins. “If you have the opportunity to associate with, and hang out with heroes, you should take advantage of that, and do that, because maybe it’ll rub off on you.”

The singer called his work with the USO and the Wounded Warrior Project “humbling” and “a privilege.”

“This will be the most appreciative audience you’ll ever play for,” Adkins said. “You’ll walk away from there thinking that they gave you more than you gave them.”

Adkins added that ‘you feel guilty’ for being able to go home, while our heroes have to stay and fight for our freedoms.

Watch the country superstar give thanks to our veterans in a Fox interview below …

Through his 13 years performing for the USO, Adkins has put on shows for over 40,000 troops and military families, bolstering the morale and spirits of soldiers across the globe.

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