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You’ll Never Believe Who Turned in This Liberal Peace Activist Turned Wannabe Terrorist


For one Boston Police Department captain, the call of duty to protect and serve trumps all else, even family ties. Alexander Ciccolo, the estranged son of a police officer, Robert Ciccolo, a responder to the Boston Marathon, was arrested on terrorism charges this week. ABC News reports on his chilling objective,

Ciccolo’s father is Boston police Captain Robert Ciccolo, a veteran commander assigned to Operations at Boston Police headquarters who was one of those to respond to the deadly Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013. According to the FBI, the younger Ciccolo said he was “inspired” by the Marathon bombing and the use of pressure cooker bombs, and told the FBI undercover operative, “Allahu Akbar!!! I got the pressure cooker today.”

Law enforcement officials said Capt. Ciccolo alerted counter-terrorism authorities about a year ago that his son, with whom he had had minimal contact for several years, “was going off the deep end” and “spouting extremist jihadist sympathies.”

According to the affidavit of an FBI agent, the younger Ciccolo recently stated that he is, “not afraid to die for the cause,” and that he characterized America as ”Satan” and “disgusting.”

His arrest was one of many that prevented a terror attack this July 4th weekend, which also falls during the month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar.

Just three years ago, Ciccolo was involved in other political activities: As a non-violent “peace” activist protesting nuclear power after the Japanese tsunami and the subsequent Fukushima disaster. Now, after a history of mental illness and a recent obsession with Islam, he has been arrested after tipping off family members to his conversion to radical Islam by posting about wanting to bring jihad back to the United States in order to take care of all the “kafir” – a derogatory term for non-believers of Islam.

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