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You’ll Shake Your Head at What This Politician Did on the Taxpayers’ Dime…


When you’re jetting around the world — at taxpayers’ expense of course — it’s easy to forget a few things. Perhaps you misplaced your reading glasses, or forgot to pack your toothpaste.

Or perhaps you just flew to the wrong country.

Yep, that’s what Constable Steve Pallett just did. He’s the sports minister for the Isle of Jersey in the English Channel, and was supposed to represent his country in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, as part of the official handover ceremonies for the Dance World Cup (I know, who knew such a tournament existed!)

But instead, Pallett boarded a plane for Bucharest, the capital of Hungary, and only realized his mistake when he landed and wondered to himself: Hey, where are all the Romanians?

Proving that politicians from around the world are surprisingly similar, Pallett has not yet made any comment on whether he will reimburse Jersey taxpayers for his error.

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H/T: London Telegraph