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Young Boy Trips Next to a 350-Year-Old Painting… What Happens Next Will Make Your Jaw Drop


Come on, looking at this video you either want to yell at the kid or give him a hug.

Put me in the yell camp. What’s he doing acting like a klutz around a piece of art valued at over one million dollars? And does he think it’s okay to carry around a can of pop when you are looking at priceless works of art?

Here’s the background to get you even more angry/sympathetic:

Flowers, a 350-year-old oil on canvas work by Paolo Porpora, part of a traveling exhibition, is currently on show in Taipei.

Needless to say, the exhibit has attracted a lot of giddy art history teachers, and their bored students, one of whom was the feckless boy who punched a hole through the painting.

The good news is, the kid will not be made to pay restoration costs. The painting, from a private owner, is fully insured, and has now been transported to Italy for expert repairs.

What do you think – does the boy deserve our sympathy or not? Let us know below.

H/T: London Guardian