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Young Girl Gives True Christian Response When Asked about ISIS


A reporter from SAT-7 the Arabic Christian television network SAT-7’s “Kids” program, talked with children living in a refugee camp in the Ainkawa Mall in Erbil, Iraq. He asked them what they missed most about their lives back home.

Two girls acknowledged that they missed their school and their church. But, said that Jesus was with them even at the camp. “He’s in our hearts,” one girl showed. And people with Jesus in their hearts smile!


A young girl named Myriam, from Qaraqosh, said her life has changed immensely and her family’s future is uncertain. However, she added that God continues to provide for her and her family.

She told him, “We used to have a house and were entertained, whereas here we are not. But thank God. God provides for us.”

The reporter pursued the point to find out what she meant. She explained, “God loves us and wouldn’t let ISIS kill us.”

And, her response to what she would do to ISIS if given an opportunity embodies true Christian values, “I won’t do anything to them,” Myriam asserted. “I will only ask God to forgive them.”

Watch the whole interview here:

Their faith is strong, but it doesn’t mean that evil should be allowed to continue when it threatens innocents.

H/T: RightWingNews