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Young Golfer Wanted To Impress Tiger Woods So He Does This

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Tiger Woods opened a new golf course and invited some fans to try it.

Here’s what happened when one young fan hit the links


Tiger Woods was the first to congratulate 11-year-old Taylor Crozier who hit a hole-in-one on Woods’ golf course at Bluejack National in Montgomery, Texas, United States on 2 March. Woods, who designed The Playgrounds golf course, watched on as Crozier stepped up to hit the first-ever shot on the course at the par-3 74m first hole. Crozier’s shot landed on the green and went straight into the hole.

The crowd cheered as Woods celebrated with Crozier who was introduced to the crowd as having a “perfect attendance in school this year – until today”. Crozier’s day got even better as he and his playing partner beat Woods by three shots.

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