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Young Man Shot and Killed the Intruder in His Home… But He Never Expected Who It Was

What is getting in the minds of Americans today? Is there something wrong with the water?

Malachi Heisler shot and killed a man, who moments earlier had smashed a window from outside the home Heisler lives in with his mother, teen sister, and his mother’s boyfriend, according to The Tampa Tribune.

The intruder Heisler killed – although he said he didn’t know it when he shot – was his father, John Heisler.

Malachi, who hid his face with a bandanna as he spoke to reporters, said he thinks he prevented more people from being hurt that night.

His father was arrested earlier in the year for being a felon in possession of a firearm, and Malachi said his mom had a restraining order against him.

I don’t know what the young man is feeling. Sadness over killing his father. Maybe relief? His family won’t have to go through this anymore? Who knows, but he needs to know he did the right thing. Never again will that man be allowed to terrorize the family.

Difficult to say good job after something like this. He did the right thing, but I am sure it will remain a painful memory for a long time.

H/T – The Tampa Tribune


Comments on “Young Man Shot and Killed the Intruder in His Home… But He Never Expected Who It Was”

  1. Rick says:

    so nice of Steve Nichols to post a photo of the young man even though he clearly didn’t want his face shown.