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YouTube Pulls A Rare Move To Save THIS Popular Channel!



Let me start off this story by telling you from personal experience, once YouTube takes your channel, you rarely ever get it back. You have to go through rings of fire, give up your firstborn child, denounce your citizenship while sitting on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. It just doesn’t happen so when you read what I am about to inform you about, you will believe in the “once in a blue moon,” analogy.

If you had not already heard, earlier today, YouTube shut down one of the most, if not the most, popular gun channels on the network – Hickok45.

According to a post by Tribunist:

The videos featured the channel’s namesake (hickok45) showing off a variety of guns on his impressive homemade range.

Hickok45’s son, John, serves as the cameraman of the channel and is also featured in numerous videos giving his opinion on various firearms and issues.

At the time of it’s removal, the channel had nearly 2 million subscribers, hundreds of videos and hundreds of millions of video views.


It looks like YouTube has bowed to the pressure of the gun community and restored the account. Hickok45’s Facebook page has over 300,000 Likes, and hundreds of people said they messaged and tweeted YouTube demanding the channel be brought back. He posted the following update on Facebook:

The hashtag, #FreeHickok45, was shared thousands of times between Twitter and Facebook.

YouTube did the right thing this time. This action showed if Americans will fight and stand together for the greater good, final solutions can be changed to reflect the best outcome possible.

H/T – Tribunist

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Comments on “YouTube Pulls A Rare Move To Save THIS Popular Channel!”

  1. Alan says:

    The top of the article said You Tube saves Hickok45. Then goes on to say You Tube shut it down. Which way is it????