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Health Expert Gives Frightening Prediction For Zika In the US

zika virus

The zika virus is becoming a bigger threat than anyone thought. And it is already hitting America. Worst of all it is hitting Puetro Rico. And before you go “That’s not America!”, yes it is. Puerto Ricans are full American citizens with the ability to come to and from the mainland as they please.

Via The Sun:

A HEALTH expert has warned he expects one in four people in the US territory of Puerto Rico to be infected with the Zika virus before the year’s end.

The Caribbean island has reported 1,914 new cases of the disease in the last week, and there are said to be 10,690 cases there altogether.


Officials say 90 people in Puerto Rico have been hospitalised by the virus.

Roughly 30 of them are said to have been diagnosed with the temporary paralysis condition Guillain-Barre which is linked to the condition.

Perhaps Puerto Rico will need another bail-out to deal with this, after the one we just gave them because of their reckless spending.

Are we doing enough to combat zika? Share your thoughts.